a beginner's guide to Pop-up Books

Seattle-born Jules Jones (vocals / bass) and Scottish émigré Neil Milton (vocals / guitar) formed Pop-up Books in in Warsaw in early 2019, after drafting in Pole, Tomek Dorobczyński (drums) to complete the line-up.

Milton and Jones have already met some acclaim with their previous bands, The Frozen North and Ephrata, respectively; and together have been described as “Polish Indie-pop perfection” in a review of their Christmas single release as a duo, late last year.

“Inspired by celebrations of past break-ups, the lead track of their debut double A side single, ‘Without You’,  is a thumping, vintage wall of sound. Layers of guitars, keyboards, and strings set the stage for the warm, reverb-soaked vocals of Jones, sounding every bit the Spector-esque pop star. Conversely, the AA track, ‘You Are The Summer’, is a citrus-slice of power-pop; a fuzzy, melodic ode to falling in love in the summertime.”

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