First words

Do you remember your first words? Of course not – you would have been far too young to remember them, I’m sure. Mind you, you may have been told what they were. I don’t remember what my first words were. I’m not sure it was ever such a big issue for me. At least not back in the days when it probably mattered.

These are Pop-up Books first words – at least – of this blog. And then, really it’s only one of us who is writing, so technically it’s just Neil’s first words as a member of Pop-up Books (at least on this blog).

We’re just getting started, so to a degree this is just a few words to put something on the page, but then… maybe there is news to tell you, but I’m just not allowed to yet. Ok. There is news to tell you that I can’t tell you yet. Occasionally pop back here – or to our social media sites to get a hold on what we’ve been up to. Jules, Maurycy, and Tomek all send their hellos.

For now – back to work. This website isn’t going to build itself, y’know.

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